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(See the Wishes page for what this is all about.)

Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer {_AT_} samba.org>

2) Ability to build packages by pushing a Bazaar branch

James Westby <jw+debian {_AT_} jameswestby.net>

3) Source packages from bzr branches.

   We have a proposed plan for this, let's make it happen, it will be great.

   Relatedly, while I don't use it I'm a fan of the bzr/translations integration,
   and think more of this "loop closing" would be very beneficial. For instance,
   the bug life-cycle being driven by a branch where one is attached would be
   great. Launchpad deals with all these areas of project management currently,
   but it doesn't make the most of opportunities to capitalise on the integration.

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