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(See the Wishes page for what this is all about.)

Jacob Peddicord <jpeddicord {_AT_} ubuntu.com>

3) More email notification customization. Currently LP emails you
about everything *it* thinks is important. There are a few situations
where I'd like to follow something but disable email notifications for
it. RSS would be an alternative to following bugs/answers/etc.

Eric Nathan Hickman <eric.nathan.hickman {_AT_} gmail.com>

3)Do something about the launchpad email noise maby, turn
off notifications for duplicate bugs check box ; )

Graham Binns <graham {_AT_} canonical.com>

 3. Better management of my mail notifications so that I don't feel
like I'm trying to sip from a firehose.

Christopher Armstrong <radix {_AT_} twistedmatrix.com>

2. The ability to disable mail notifications that are directed to me
through a specified team. I'm in some teams that were made part of
other teams and it bugs me that I receive those indirect team emails.
I'm also in some teams for the access that membership provides but
don't want to receive email from them.

Alex Launi <alex.launi {_AT_} gmail.com>

3) Configurable email preferences to cut down some of the noise, and make the
noise more easily automatically sortable

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