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(See the Wishes page for what this is all about.)

Random thoughts from kfogel: Some of these entries talk about the personal dashboard being something you seen once you're logged in. It might be even better have it visible to anyone, and just editable when you're logged in (maybe to other people it shows the "contact this user" link but not to you, or something).

Andrew SB <a.starr.b {_AT_} gmail.com>

2. I've always thought that it would be nice if your profile page
(don't know what your terminology is, but I mean e.g
https://launchpad.net/~andrewsomething) was more of a dash-board when
logged in. The current view would be your public face, but when logged
in it would present you with information directly relevant to you:
most recent comments on subscribed bug, recent commits, display
assigned bugs in a todo list fashion, ect... I know where I live and
what my email address / irc nick / jabber nick / OpenPGP key are. I
know what languages I speak and what teams I belong to. Currently the
profile page isn't useful at all for its owner.

Alan Pope <alan {_AT_} popey.com>

2. http://www.ubuntustats.com/ type thing but personalised for me,
based on my projects, teams, bugs etc

Alex Launi <alex.launi {_AT_} gmail.com>

2) A personal homepage/dashboard page that would have updates since last login
about bug activity, pending merge requests, all the other things related to me
and the projects I'm involved with on launchpad

Julian Edwards <julian.edwards {_AT_} canonical.com>

  1. Arbitrary lists of bugs (akin to milestones, but personal lists)

Michael Hudson <michael.hudson {_AT_} canonical.com>

3) More task management/personal dashboard stuff.

Ali Sabil <ali.sabil {_AT_} gmail.com>

2) A dashboard/control-center for the logged in user showing
information relevant to him/her like recent commits, bug activities

James Westby <jw+debian {_AT_} jameswestby.net>

1) A personal page that helps me organise my work; where's the page that
   shows me all the code review that I have been asked to do across LP?
   Logging in and going to a page that is tailored to my work would save
   me having to poll multiple pages in LP and allow me to do things that
   I can't currently do.

   Being able to see outstanding code reviews that I have to do, reviews
   I requested that need fixing, bugs assigned to me or where I have
   been asked a question, bugs that have had activity since I last looked
   or requested information, new bugs that need triage in projects that
   I work on, new branches pushed to projects that I own, translations
   that need approving, questions that I can probably answer, open bugs
   that are targeted to an approaching milestone would be great. Then
   use some magic algorithm to sort it all, and allow me to filter and
   turn up and down the information I get about particular projects or
   areas of LP would make it perfect.

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