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(See the Wishes page for what this is all about.)

Ali Sabil <ali.sabil {_AT_} gmail.com>

1) A mini-launchpad website that links into launchpad.net (uses the
same backend) but exposes a simplified/social interface like github or
bitbucket, since I get the feeling that launchpad is just too powerful
for most people.

  [ Editor's note: See Sidnei da Silva's followup at
    https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-users/msg05347.html.  He
    says: "I like this idea. I suspect if enough of the API is
    exported through launchpadlib, someone could put together a demo
    of this running on Google App Engine in a matter of days." ]

Robert Collins <robert.collins {_AT_} canonical.com>

I _really_ want the ability to say 'these are the mailing lists' and
'this is the wiki' for my projects, without having that just hyperlinked
in the description. Its real metadata, representable in DOAP, even if
launchpad can only host some of this. There is a bug of mine open thats
broadly about this, but seems to have been suborned into the new links
to the bug tracker etc.

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