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(See the Wishes page for what this is all about.)

Alexey Balmashnov <a.balmashnov {_AT_} gmail.com>

2. Categories (tags?) to structure translatable entities

It is difficult to focus translators work on particular distribution
or part of distribution. Currently, all translatable packages are in
one huge non-categorized list. If translators team or part of the team
wants to focus work on the particular flavor, extra
organizational/administration is necessary. Yep, there are some highly
weighted items on top of the list, like installers, documentation etc,
but even this part of the list is messy. Clear categorization of the
translatable packages/items by
- flavor: ubuntu, kubuntu, ...
- availability: e.g. installed by default vs additionally available
applications in repositories + indication of applications popularity
- activeness of upstream
etc. May greatly improve translation process and quality of the
distribution translation delivered to the end-user, which means better
user experience.

  [ Editor's note: see followup from Danilo Segan at
    and Alexey's response to that. ]

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