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Alexey Balmashnov <a.balmashnov {_AT_} gmail.com>

3. Preview of translated documentation

Translation process for documentation based on Rosetta
does not take into account, that translations normally should be
reviewed as a whole. When a number of people are translating
particular document paragraph by paragraph, you may see this directly
in final translated document, when you read it as a whole. Number of
issues here. Once one is busy with chunk by chunk translation, the
style considerations for a totality of your work are the last ones you
think of. An even if one wants to check and proof-read final version
of document, he/she should dig into so many technical things (bzr,
xml, xsl, figures etc) to get the overall view on the translated
document with a hand-driven process like: download document from
Rosetta - generate xml/html representation of the document - read.
Further on, upon proof-reading, all changes should be made directly in
the Rosetta with repetition of the download, merge, generate
proof-reading cycle.

  [ Editor's note: see followup from Danilo Segan at
    and Alexey's response to that. ]

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