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(See the Wishes page for what this is all about.)

Alexey Balmashnov <a.balmashnov {_AT_} gmail.com>

1. Some sort of locking strings/permissions mechanism

There is no automation of the translation propagation to upstream.
Want to cooperate with upstream? Get your hands dirty and do it by
hand. But... There is no indication or whatsoever that strings to be
translated are actually different from upstream, or not at all used in
upstream. If one translates something, he has no clue whether this
string might be already translated elsewhere/upstream, which surely
leads to a  duplication of work, difficulties in merging translations
with or from upstream, which finally results in tensions between
translators working on Ubuntu and upstream. One of the possibilities
here might be in clear indication, that strings are unique to Ubuntu
and ability to focus translation work around them, for example, via
locking strings that for sure are coming from active upstream projects
like GNOME.

Another possible use of lock mechanism.

It might be also employed in the translation process, when
reviews are being performed, e.g. upon finishing translation and
review string gets frozen without ability of most translator team
members to change it directly, but only make suggestions. It might be
based on translator quality/experience ranking based on voting system
or somehow else.

Legendario <kemel.zaidan {_AT_} ubuntu-sp.org>

 3. I would like also a way to automatic sync and merge translations with
    upstream teams such as KDE and many others. I am not a developer but I
    believe this could be done with an API or something like that. Am I right?

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