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Working with db-devel

As the standard rocketfuel and ec2test scripts work on devel, some care must be taken when developing against db-devel. This is a guide for all who have only used rocketfuel-scripts so far.

You also should be familiar with the process for schema changes.

Alternative trunk

Create an alternative trunk directory called db-devel next to your trunk directory in your repository (e.g. ~/launchpad/lp-branches).

bzr branch lp:~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel db-devel

Set the public location for this branch in ~/.bazaar/locations.conf

    public_branch = bzr+ssh://

Now you can use this to create new branches of db-devel in lp-branches:

bzr branch db-devel my-db-devel-branch

You can update db-devel by pulling in changes.

cd db-devel
bzr pull

You can merge changes from db-devel into your branch.

cd my-db-devel-branch
bzr merge ../db-devel
bzr commit -m"Merge db-devel."

To run code in your branch, you need to link the external source code. Normally rocketfuel-branch would do that for you.

cd my-db-devel-branch
utilities/link-external-sourcecode ../../lp-sourcedeps/

Note: Should we make it a habit to prefix these branches' names with "db-" so we never forget? —jtv

You should still run rocketfuel-get regularly because it updates lp-sourcedeps and the links in all your branches (including your db-devel branches).


Pushing to Launchpad

You can push to Launchpad as usual and it will currently actually stack on devel, so this should work even better than pushing to devel.

Creating a merge proposal

It is very important to get the merge target right when creating a merge proposal, otherwise your reviewer will see a much larger patch than what you thought you were submitting.

When creating a merge proposal through the UI make sure to pick db-devel. This is fairly easy.

Using bzr send is recommended. You can simply pass your local db-devel branch as the submit-branch to the lpsend command because you set up its public location earlier.

cd my-db-devel-branch
bzr lpsend ../db-devel/

To get lpreview-body to work with lpsend and db-devel, so that you get a cover letter template, you need to do:

bzr lpsend bzr+ssh://

Note: It is a good idea to mention that you want to merge into db-devel in the cover letter because it is not very conspicuous to the reviewer otherwise.

Running ec2 test|land

Using ec2 test works as described. (Canonical employees also please see email setup).

'ec2 land' looks at your merge proposal to see which branch you have targeted. If you have that set-up correctly then it will do the right thing.

cd my-db-devel-branch
utilities/ec2 land <merge proposal url>

Submitting to PQM without testing. DO NOT DO THIS

Lastly, if you need to submit to pqm without going through ec2 (why ever? ;), you can use pqm-submit and pass in db-devel as the --submit-branch. You must include the bracketed tags manually in this case.

cd my-db-devel-branch
bzr pqm-submit -m '[r=kermit][ui=none] Fix the frobnob.' --submit-branch=bzr+ssh:// 

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