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Launchpad Bug Jam 2010

We're declaring the 13th-24th December 2010 the first Launchpad Bug Jam!

During this time, we have one goal:

Close as many Launchpad bugs as possible!

Whoever you are, you can help. Read on to find out how.

How to take part

lp-diamond-16.png Five steps to bug jamming


Pick any open bug filed against Launchpad and mark it as In Progress.


If you're not sure how to tackle it, ask for help.


Close the bug using Fix Committed, Fix Released, Won't Fix or Invalid.


Tag the bug with bugjam2010.


Tell everyone in #launchpad-dev and celebrate!

How do I close a bug?

This bug jam is about closing bugs, not necessarily fixing them.

The Launchpad project has over 6,500 open bugs. Not all of them can be fixed but it's unfair to the people who reported them and also to the project if we leave them open.

You can close a bug by changing its status to one of these:

When you start working on a bug, assign it to yourself and mark it In progress to make sure nobody else start working on the same thing.

If you're new to Launchpad development, start here.

Asking for help

You can ask for help in #launchpad-dev on FreeNode.

On each day of the bug jam, there'll be one or two people whose job is to look out for your questions. Their name(s) will be in the channel topic on the day and you can see who they are here:




Time zone

13th December

Matthew Revell



Tracking progress

How many bugs have we closed?

View the BugJam-o-Meter!

Want more detail? Try these:

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