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Refer to BuildBranchToArchive for the non-UI aspects.

The UI issue: simple building of (daily) packages

Although it is possible for Launchpad users to build a source package from a branch and publish it in their PPA using the bzr-builder plugin, we can radically reduce the complexity of this process (and remove the need to transfer data in and out of Launchpad unnecessarily) enabling a much wider audience to benefit from easy branch building and, in particular, daily builds.

We can create a simple UI which in the best case presents a selection of target PPA and recipe for turning the branch into published sources and binaries, while still ensuring that the full flexibility of customised recipe builds is available when required.

Please update this page with any ideas of your own, especially the questions section.

Goals of the UI

[draft] Users with upload rights to any PPA can, when viewing a branch page:

When viewing a source package recipe build within their PPA, users can:

After starting a new build from a branch, users will be:

Users can view a list of all their recipes and update them as needed (and when looking at a recipe, see the history of builds for that recipe?)

Users can see source package recipe builds when viewing a specific builder's history.

Target user audiences

[draft] The following roles have been identified as potential target audience groups:


Please feel free to expand, correct or add further use-cases. If you are wanting to update or modify any of the mockups, you can grab the Balsamiq mockup files with:

bzr branch lp:~michael.nelson/+junk/buildfrombranch-mockups

(and propose any merges).

Initial cut

The initial implementation will be cut-down so as to be manageable (but will only be available on edge). Specifically:

General design and interaction questions

Each use-case also has a questions section.

New Questions

Still requiring thought

Answered (to some degree)


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