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Lean Goals

Note that the following text is taken from Wikipedia on Lean Manufacturing.

The four goals of Lean manufacturing systems are to

Steps to achieve lean systems

The following steps should be implemented in order to create the ideal lean system:

Continuous Improvement

This last bullet is the motivation for creating experiments. Also see Continuous Improvement on Wikipedia.

An experiment is the adaptation of an existing process with the goal of improving that process. As we experiment with processes, we should record the new experiment in pages here. That way, others will understand how to execute the new experimental process and we will have a record of what worked and what did not.

Another need in experiments is metrics. It is ideal to measure whether an experiment has had quantifiable positive results.

This last statement is both a TBD for Brian to put some best practices here on how we measure improvements, but is also a request of you to think of ways that your experiments can be measured.

Process and Policy Pages

When you create a new experiment, please create a new page for that experiment. Our model is to create a page under the existing process, called Experiment. In that page, please describe the process, as you would in any other process page. Then, update the table Launchpad Processes Pages , by putting your Experiment link in the appropriate side of the table.

Once an experiment has been approved as a Standard process, please move the contents of the Experiment page to the existing process page.


Please record and improvements or comments below...

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