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This has been superseded by the Canonical-internal Launchpad Support Rotation and is pending cleanup.

Process Overview

At any given time, 2 of the 5 Launchpad/squads are assigned to maintenance work. They handle all the interrupt-driven work. This includes:

The responsibility for these last two bullets rotates between the maintenance squad every week.


We want to shield squads working on development projects as much as possible from interrupt as possible. Ideally, we want also to shield developers in maintenance squads working on bug fixing from those, but we are willing to tolerate higher level of interrupts there, because the time to fix a bug is usually much less than to complete a development project.

Rotating the user-generated interrupts between the two maintenance squad, will give one week with lower interrupts to each squad.


Incidents handling

Maintenance Rotation Schedule

General bug fixing

Experiment: use RT tickets to track escalated issues

Experiment review: 2012-09-28
Success criteria:

Nature of the experiment:

  1. Laura needs to escalate an issue to the maintenance squad. She creates a new RT ticket and assigns it to a member of the maintenance squad, or she re-assigns an existing ticket.
  2. In that ticket, Laura details what she needs from the maintenance squad and why she is escalating the issue.
  3. The maintenance squad member records his/her progress in the ticket, reassigning the ticket to Laura when their input is complete.
  4. Laura keeps the user informed and closes the ticket when appropriate.

Supporting Documentation

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