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This has been superseded by the Canonical-internal Launchpad Support Rotation and is pending cleanup.

Launchpad Support Specialist tasks

The Launchpad Support Specialist looks after all user queries and support, including the responsibilities shown here.

Graphs of measurable queues


Fast link

IRC support

Build Farm

LpStats / Builders Page (try this recipe)


canned search

Notify about translation imports approval

new project POT imports

Bug imports

bug import questions

launchpad-feedback and launchpad-users monitoring


Questions monitoring

open questions

Spam monitoring

Launchpad search - gold watches
Launchpad search - linkedin Launchpad search - nude
Launchpad search - prescription
Launchpad search - degree ba ma
future work Out of office emails

Project review

unreviewed projects
Note: projects are ordered with oldest at top. Be sure to scan the list to the bottom.

~registry review

registry admins

moderation queue


remove subteams/superteams

remove direct subscriptions

remove structural subscriptions

reassign bugs

reassign blueprints

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