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Proposed new priorities

OBS: After discussion on the ubuntu-motu mailing list, and on IRC, it is clear that the lp-liason team did not have the authority to enter the priorities in the "T" column in the list below. These are therefore to be regarded as blanks. 2009.02.03

Individual Priorities (1 highest) are listed in the columns, otherwise the list is sorted in overall priority order after review.

* M T U Feature
Support for pocket dependencies in PPA
(proper fix for security dependency model)
API to copy packages, particularly from the main archive to a PPA, but can be generalised. (bug 276022)
1 6 Rebuild integration and UI
Associated with Archive Branches
2 Signed PPAs
1 Soyuz ACL manipulation API/tool
Allows ACL manipulation of packages (versus teams) via a distro tool
UI for build dependency work to allow user-setting of the build dependency components/pockets
11 18 Multiple PPAs per person
API manipulation of PPAs (bug 276020)
Complete Private PPAs
Management of passwords/security to access P3As
Upload handling (ACLs etc) changes for the Archive Reorganisation
Karma for uploads
16 280958 Show PPAs containing the same package on Ubuntu package pages.
6 Support for handling debug symbol uploads in virtual buildds
PPA uploads should be optionally notified to another email address
PPA upload permissions should also allow arbitrary 3rd parties
External PPA dependencies
PPAs should allow partner uploads
9 14 285205 Handle ddebs in Soyuz (mostly done, need new buildds and publisher changes)
JauntyGnomeHelpLangpacks Needs to be ready around Karmic
- PPA download counters
Enable the distro team to prioritise merges from PPAs based on real usage and popularity and testing
Could depend on diskless archives, or could be done through log scraping
4 API/UI to unembargo security package
Model through the existing package upload table
15 Re-write cron.publish in Python Spec: SoyuzDistributionScript
2 7 Provide support for package sync reviews
Consider how critical uploads, bugs, the upload queue and PPAs can interact
3 2 Package sets
Deal with loss of components with the Archive Reorganisation
Deal with loss of components maintenance and support tracking Archive Reorganisation
7 - Licensing Metadata support (see 1 and 2
Extra data on SPR that specifies the set of licenses for a package; obtained by parsing the licensing description and creating a set)
5 8 Changelog repackaging for native source syncing
Allows us to store proper changelogs for Debian-NSS'd packages
5 8 55795, 139162, 247456 Fix changelog attribution and repackaging for native source syncing
9 214612 Support zsync/pdiff for apt-get update
4 10 285207 Pool buildds between PPAs and the distro
8 11 285206 Make buildmaster work with buildds that build any arch
12 259422 Display PPA diffs against Ubuntu
13 13 235064 Multi-series support in package uploads
3 17 Do an emergent "heat" on PPA's, which would quietly factor in downloads, subscribers, karma of uploaders etc.
19 SFTP package uploads
Provide a secure upload mechanism with synchronous feedback to uploaders; GPG still a requirement
- Per-package apt:// download links.
20 NoMoreAptFtpArchive (package metadata, speeds up publishing by 20m)
13 RealDistroReleases (point-releases)
Depends on 'Archive Branches'
- Archive from librarian (dynamic pool, and autogenerated dists)
21 Archive Branches, Snapshot Archives and Independent Suites
(could we have hardy-intel?)
If done with ''Diskless Archives'' makes archive branching cheap
10 - Upload RSS feed
- LiveFS generation
Begin with NoMoreSourcePackages (, data model, branch uploads)
22 Modelling seeds
Data model and basic germinate interface
Could be done with 'NoMoreAptFtpArchive' which needs to know about seeds
Package copying only shows first 20 packages (bug 276019)
- Current SourcePackage metadata persistence
Internal-only, performance and correctness, enables per-package features
Hang BPPH off SPPH
- Explicit Distribution.currentseries
Internal-only, perf and correctness

Bugs that we want to address

* M T U
Bug 55288 and bug 45270. Fix the publisher configuration system; get rid of the Lucille config stuff and prevent the publisher from failing when a new series is opened but is not initialised. Also see the blueprint

Other unscored new features

Priorities (1 highest):

* M T U Feature Story Points
Sex up the /+builds pages with AJAX: Allow in-place re-try (including multiple arches), make failures more obvious, in-place rescoring, filter on series/arch/status. Will be discussed at the Soyuz UI sprint in February.
Add AJAX to the +queue page: approve all, in-place approval, remove actions where not permissioned, possibly lots more usability optimisations.
12 305331 Soyuz instant messenger buddy (XMPP). For notifications of important events like build failures. Probably not limited to Soyuz XXX
bug 245594 Rebuilds of binary packages without source changes (required for bug 235064)
We need a way of deleting unwanted PPAs.
PPA mirroring

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