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Slogan for public consumption: Go go Golden Horde!

Slogan when we feel tired: Go go Yellow Banana Slugs!

Current projects are LEP/ParallelTesting and LEP/LaunchpadSetupScripts.

Daily call checklist

Move quickly if possible. :-)

First part: Where are we right now? We move over the kanban board roughly right to left.

Second part: what are we going to do?

Panel requests

Unsticking panel checklist

Pair programming observer checklist

Weekly review call checklist

Topics for next

Writing a LEP checklist

Starting a project checklist

Depending on another developer or team checklist--someone new or with past delivery problems

jml also pointed out this checklist from Covey's Seven Habits.... You need to establish these things up-front:

  1. Desired results [spend time here, include "when"]
  2. Guidelines [what I'd call constraints]
  3. Resources available [money, team, people]
  4. Accountability [what measures, how often]
  5. Consequences [natural ones & incentives]

We should also try to incorporate these ideas.

Slack project checklist

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