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This page shows contributions to Launchpad from developers not on the Launchpad team at Canonical.

It lists all changes that have landed in the Launchpad devel or db-devel trees (see the trunk explanation for more).

Note for maintainers: this page is updated every hour by a cron job running as wgrant on devpad (though if there are no new contributions, the page's timestamp won't change). The code that generates this page is utilities/ in the Launchpad tree.


Contributors (from outside Canonical)

  1. William Grant <me {_AT_}> (134 top-level landings)

  2. Adi Roiban <adi {_AT_}> (42 top-level landings)

  3. Max Bowsher <maxb {_AT_}> (25 top-level landings)

  4. Nigel Babu <nigelbabu {_AT_}> (23 top-level landings)

  5. Andy Whitcroft <apw {_AT_}> (16 top-level landings)

  6. Jamal Fanaian <jamal.fanaian {_AT_}> (10 top-level landings)

  7. Ivo Kracht <ivo.kracht {_AT_}> (10 top-level landings)

  8. Mattias Backman <mattias.backman {_AT_}> (9 top-level landings)

  9. Andrea Corbellini <andrea.corbellini {_AT_}> (7 top-level landings)

  10. Nigel Jones <nigel {_AT_}> (6 top-level landings)

  11. James Tunnicliffe <james.tunnicliffe {_AT_}> (6 top-level landings)

  12. Nathan Handler <nhandler {_AT_}> (3 top-level landings)

  13. Markus Korn <thekorn {_AT_}> (3 top-level landings)

  14. Stefano Rivera <stefano {_AT_}> (3 top-level landings)

  15. Michael-Doyle Hudson <michael.hudson {_AT_}> (3 top-level landings)

  16. Riccardo Padovani <riccardo {_AT_}> (2 top-level landings)

  17. Jeff Craig <foxxtrot {_AT_}> (2 top-level landings)

  18. Simon Olofsson <simon {_AT_}> (2 top-level landings)

  19. Douglas Cerna <douglascerna {_AT_}> (2 top-level landings)

  20. Andrew Mitchell <ajmitch {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  21. Nicolas Delvaux <nicolas.delvaux {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  22. Max Kanat-Alexander <mkanat {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  23. Andrew Mitchell <ajmitch {_AT_} anselm> (1 top-level landing)

  24. Severin Heiniger <severinheiniger {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  25. Howard Chan <smartboyhw {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  26. Thierry Carrez <thierry.carrez {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  27. Andy Brody <git {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  28. Douglas Cerna <douglascerna {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  29. Luke Faraone <luke {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  30. ec2test {_AT_} ip-10-82-242-70.ec2.internal (1 top-level landing)

  31. vicdeltins <vicdeltins {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  32. Francois Marier <francois {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  33. Jan-Marek Glogowski <glogow {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  34. David Wood <david {_AT_} gecko> (1 top-level landing)

  35. James Tatum <jtatum {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  36. Kamran Riaz Khan <krkhan {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  37. Thierry Carrez <thierry {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

Contributors (from Canonical, but outside the Launchpad team)

  1. Martin Pool <mbp {_AT_}> (74 top-level landings)

  2. James Westby <james.westby {_AT_}> (43 top-level landings)

  3. Chris Johnston <chrisjohnston {_AT_}> (42 top-level landings)

  4. Brian Murray <brian {_AT_}> (41 top-level landings)

  5. Maximiliano Bertacchini <maximiliano.bertacchini {_AT_}> (35 top-level landings)

  6. Tom Wardill <tom.wardill {_AT_}> (33 top-level landings)

  7. Thomi Richards <thomi.richards {_AT_}> (33 top-level landings)

  8. Bryce Harrington <bryce.harrington {_AT_}> (26 top-level landings)

  9. LaMont Jones <lamont {_AT_}> (23 top-level landings)

  10. Jonathan Davies <jonathan.davies {_AT_}> (22 top-level landings)

  11. John Arbash Meinel <john {_AT_}> (20 top-level landings)

  12. James Troup <james.troup {_AT_}> (14 top-level landings)

  13. Martin Packman <martin.packman {_AT_}> (13 top-level landings)

  14. Michael Vogt <michael.vogt {_AT_}> (13 top-level landings)

  15. David Murphy <david.murphy {_AT_}> (10 top-level landings)

  16. Anthony Lenton <anthony.lenton {_AT_}> (8 top-level landings)

  17. Cody A.W. Somerville <cody.somerville {_AT_}> (8 top-level landings)

  18. Gabriel Neuman gneuman {_AT_} (8 top-level landings)

  19. Adam Conrad <adconrad {_AT_}> (7 top-level landings)

  20. Jonathan Riddell <jriddell {_AT_}> (5 top-level landings)

  21. Matias Bordese <matias.bordese {_AT_}> (4 top-level landings)

  22. Sidnei da Silva <sidnei.da.silva {_AT_}> (4 top-level landings)

  23. Gustavo Niemeyer <gustavo {_AT_}> (3 top-level landings)

  24. Iain Lane <iain {_AT_}> (3 top-level landings)

  25. Adam Collard <adam.collard {_AT_}> (3 top-level landings)

  26. Haw Loeung (hloeung) <haw.loeung {_AT_}> (2 top-level landings)

  27. Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach {_AT_}> (2 top-level landings)

  28. Dustin Kirkland <kirkland {_AT_}> (2 top-level landings)

  29. Didier Roche <didrocks {_AT_}> (2 top-level landings)

  30. Łukasz Czyżykowski <lukasz.czyzykowski {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  31. Nish Aravamudan <nish.aravamudan {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  32. William Grant <william.grant {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  33. Steve Langasek <vorlon {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  34. Colin Watson <cjwatson {_AT_} (1 top-level landing)

  35. Timothy R. Chavez <timothy.chavez {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  36. Kristian Glass < {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  37. Loïc Minier <loic.minier {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  38. Nick Moffitt <nick {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  39. Martin Pitt <martin {_AT_} vbox9370> (1 top-level landing)

  40. Iain Lane <laney {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  41. Kees Cook <kees {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  42. Nick Moffitt <nick.moffitt {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  43. Marc Tardif <marc.tardif {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  44. Michael Casadevall <mcasadevall {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  45. Vincent Ladeuil <v.ladeuil+lp {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  46. Dmitrijs Ledkovs <dmitrijs.ledkovs {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  47. Dimitri John Ledkov <dimitri.ledkov {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)

  48. Bryan Quigley <bryan.quigley {_AT_}> (1 top-level landing)


Contributions (from outside Canonical)

William Grant <me {_AT_}>

134 top-level landings:

Adi Roiban <adi {_AT_}>

42 top-level landings:

Max Bowsher <maxb {_AT_}>

25 top-level landings:

Nigel Babu <nigelbabu {_AT_}>

23 top-level landings:

Andy Whitcroft <apw {_AT_}>

16 top-level landings:

Jamal Fanaian <jamal.fanaian {_AT_}>

10 top-level landings:

Ivo Kracht <ivo.kracht {_AT_}>

10 top-level landings:

Mattias Backman <mattias.backman {_AT_}>

9 top-level landings:

Andrea Corbellini <andrea.corbellini {_AT_}>

7 top-level landings:

Nigel Jones <nigel {_AT_}>

6 top-level landings:

James Tunnicliffe <james.tunnicliffe {_AT_}>

6 top-level landings:

Nathan Handler <nhandler {_AT_}>

3 top-level landings:

Markus Korn <thekorn {_AT_}>

3 top-level landings:

Stefano Rivera <stefano {_AT_}>

3 top-level landings:

Michael-Doyle Hudson <michael.hudson {_AT_}>

3 top-level landings:

Riccardo Padovani <riccardo {_AT_}>

2 top-level landings:

Jeff Craig <foxxtrot {_AT_}>

2 top-level landings:

Simon Olofsson <simon {_AT_}>

2 top-level landings:

Douglas Cerna <douglascerna {_AT_}>

2 top-level landings:

Andrew Mitchell <ajmitch {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Nicolas Delvaux <nicolas.delvaux {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Max Kanat-Alexander <mkanat {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Andrew Mitchell <ajmitch {_AT_} anselm>

1 top-level landing:

Severin Heiniger <severinheiniger {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Howard Chan <smartboyhw {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Thierry Carrez <thierry.carrez {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Andy Brody <git {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Douglas Cerna <douglascerna {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Luke Faraone <luke {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

ec2test {_AT_} ip-10-82-242-70.ec2.internal

1 top-level landing:

vicdeltins <vicdeltins {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Francois Marier <francois {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Jan-Marek Glogowski <glogow {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

David Wood <david {_AT_} gecko>

1 top-level landing:

James Tatum <jtatum {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Kamran Riaz Khan <krkhan {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Thierry Carrez <thierry {_AT_}>

1 top-level landing:

Contributions (from Canonical, but outside the Launchpad team)

Martin Pool <mbp {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

74 top-level landings:

James Westby <james.westby {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

43 top-level landings:

Chris Johnston <chrisjohnston {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

42 top-level landings:

Brian Murray <brian {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

41 top-level landings:

Maximiliano Bertacchini <maximiliano.bertacchini {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

35 top-level landings:

Tom Wardill <tom.wardill {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

33 top-level landings:

Thomi Richards <thomi.richards {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

33 top-level landings:

Bryce Harrington <bryce.harrington {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

26 top-level landings:

LaMont Jones <lamont {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

23 top-level landings:

Jonathan Davies <jonathan.davies {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

22 top-level landings:

John Arbash Meinel <john {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

20 top-level landings:

James Troup <james.troup {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

14 top-level landings:

Martin Packman <martin.packman {_AT_}> (Canonical developer)

13 top-level landings: