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The purpose of this template is to help us get ReadyToCode on features or tricky bugs as quickly as possible. See also LaunchpadEnhancementProposalProcess.

The bits in italics are the bits that you should fill in. Delete the italic bits.

Talk to the product strategist soon after cutting a first draft of this document


Short description of feature

Contact: The primary contact for this LEP. Normally the drafter or the implementer.
On Launchpad: Link to a blueprint, milestone or (best) a bug tag search across launchpad-project

Consider clarifying the feature by describing what it is not?

Link this from LEP


Why are we doing this now?

What value does this give our users? Which users?


Who really cares about this feature? When did you last talk to them?

User stories


so that $BENEFIT

Have as many as you like. Group user stories together into meaningfully deliverable units. They'll be used as the driving elements of exploratory testing QA.

Constraints and Requirements


What MUST the new behaviour provide?

Nice to have

Must not

What MUST it not do?

Out of scope


Other LaunchpadEnhancementProposals that form a part of this one.


How will we know when we are done?

How will we measure how well we have done?


Put everything else here. Better out than in.

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