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Launchpad enhancement proposals

Here you'll find links to proposals (LEPs) that people, both within the Canonical Launchpad team and the wider Launchpad community, have made for a way to change Launchpad.

This is good page to use to get a view of what's coming up for Launchpad and what's currently in progress.

You can also add your own LEP by following the Launchpad enhancement proposal process.

Working on now

Coding now

LEPs that people are implementing.

Project name & page






Better Privacy

Curtis Hovey



Trusted Pickers

Pickers should leave no room for doubt.

Privacy Transitions

pages and actions should leave no room for doubt.

Harden bugs, projects and teams

pages and actions should leave no room for doubt.

Basic Entitlement

Allow commercial users service their own needs.

Information types

Launchpad knows which kind of data a bug or branch is to apply the rules.

Managing Disclosure

Project owners should be able to see who has what access to private artefacts.

Private Projects

Projects can be made private and all subordinate artefacts are also private.

Social private teams

Allow private teams to collaborate with other teams ad data.

Release features when they are done

Release Features When They Are Done

Rob Collins (lifeless)


Parallel testing

Parallel testing

Gary Poster (gary_poster)


Interaction design

LEPs for which the Product team are developing the user experience.



LEPs that are being drafted.

Ready for review

LEPs that need product manager approval or LEPs that no one is actually scheduled to work on yet. We only get truly serious about LEPs when there is a truly serious intent to implement them.

Needs resources

Needs review

Ready to code

LEPs approved by the product manager / technical architect as appropriate.




LEPs that have been coded & deployed, but are waiting signoff from the product manager


LEPs that are done. This is our victory list.


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