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Build from branch into the primary archive

Short description of feature

Contact: MartinPool
LEP: https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/BuildFromBranchIntoPrimary
On Launchpad: bfbip bugs

As an Ubuntu developer
I want Launchpad to build source and binary packages from branches
so that I don't have to both push the branch and also dput a source package


At the moment, after making a change, Ubuntu developers must use bzr-builddeb to build a source package, and then dput to upload it. This is unnecessary work. Some developers only upload and don't push the branch.

By allowing Ubuntu developers to build directly from a branch into the primary archive of Ubuntu, we would:


If the server-side building of packages does not work reliably, users will be blocked from uploading. We can allow a fallback to uploading some

Errors in packaging may be more difficult to see, understand, or debug if they happen on a server rather than locally. However, developers will still have the option to build the package locally.


Since there will be automatic systems that both import packages to branches, and that build packages from branches, there is some risk of a positive-feedback failure. This could be guarded against by, for instance, blacklisting any auto-imported revisions from being rebuilt into a package.


Constraints and Requirements


Since the aim is to provide a superior alternative to something that already exists within Launchpad, we must be at least as good as the current system. Specifically:

Nice to have

Must not

Out of scope


Publish a change into Ubuntu

  1. User makes a local branch from the source package branch.
  2. Make changes
  3. Commit
  4. Push back to source package branch
  5. Request publication
  6. How do we distinguish commits that ought to be built from those that don't? One way is to say we'll rebuild on things that add a new debian changelog (with a higher version.) Some people commit changes with a series target of 'unreleased' and we could then just actually assemble the package when that flips to be a real series.


How will we know when we are done?

How will we measure how well we have done?


Changes needed

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