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Agenda of the next Launchpad review team meeting

Launchpad review team meetings are held on #launchpad-meeting on, and are chaired by BradCrittenden for both the Asia/Pacific (AsiaPac) and Americas/EU (AMEU) time zone meetings. We use MootBot to record the meetings.

The purpose of the meetings is to coordinate Launchpad code reviews, and particularly to ensure that emerging issues with the review process are addressed - such as getting people to take on tough reviews, keeping the latency down, etc.. Blockage in reviews leads to blockage in Launchpad code landings.

Launchpad team meetings are no long held weekly. They are done on an as needed basis. If you have a topic, please add it to this page and request Brad to schedule a meeting. Requests should be made by Mondays in order to get a meeting scheduled.

To accommodate our geographically-dispersed team there are two Launchpad review team meetings They are held at:



Please include the date for which you will be unavailable.

Outstanding Actions


Proposed items

Rejected items

Summaries of previous meetings

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